Great Breakfast Foods: Organic Taters

organic breakfast taters

Organic and Tasty!!

I like saying taters. It was a funny word even before Billy Bob Thornton used it in “Sling Blade” back in 1996 (“french fried taters … mmm hmm”). While I await the summer and my wife’s organic spuds to grow in our garden, I’ll share my easy breakfast tater (ha ha!) recipe with you.

When I cut out a similar recipe a few years ago, I ran out like a good person and bought the ingredients. I was just ramping up my green/organic self, and not in the habit yet of reading EVERY-FRIGGIN-INGREDIENT!

The spice for the taters (you smiled, I know you did) was “one package of ranch dressing mix.” Okay, fine, but back home, when I looked at the ingredients just before dumping it onto my … go ahead, altogether now … TATERS … I saw MSG listed as an ingredient!

What??!! The nasty food additive? Research shows MSG causes a variety of side effects that can vary from individual to individual, including migraines, throat swelling, diarrhea, vomiting, or irregular heartbeats. C’mon, I’m just trying to marry my eggs with a tasty side dish.

So I was stuck. Taters were cut and ready, oven was heated, but my spice was NOT GONNA HAPPEN. So, I improvised. Here’s what I came up with and it’s so much better than MSG-crusted spuds!

What you need:

  • one bag organic potatoes
  • one onion or …
  • one pepper (red or green) or …
  • both!

What to do:

  • Pre-heat oven to 350 F
  • Wash the taters, cut in half, then quarters, then into smaller cubes
  • Dump into a bowl and add a goodly amount of olive oil
  • Mix
  • Cut up and caramelize the onion/pepper in frying pan with a spot of butter
  • Season spuds with your choice of seasoning
    (I’ve used a ‘Montreal Steak’ spice that I’ve had around for awhile … I’ve also used garlic powder, Italian dressing (no MSG!), kosher salt ‘n’ pepper, chili powder, etc.  It’s all about what’s handy! Mix and match, experiment.)
  • Stir again and dump onto a greased cookie sheet
  • Top with the onions/peppers
  • Bake 60 – 70 minutes, stir, then BROIL until a bit crispy
    • Don’t walk too far away while broiling because if they burn, you can’t go back!

Serve hot with eggs and toast. They taste even better heated up all week long!

Taters!! Mmm-hmm!!

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