Gluten Free Junk Food

gluten free junk food, gluten free chocolate chip cookie

credit: Lisa Johnson


Maybe you’re doing it by choice, but a lot of people have the edict handed down to them by their doctors. Facing digestive distress that forces them to drop doughy goodness, possibly forever. Maybe the first week or two they do okay, but then, like anyone, they crave junk food. Except now they need gluten-free junk food.

I’ve been gluten-free for about six weeks now (with the exception of a small piece of carrot cake that was well worth the cheat). And when you can’t have something for health reasons, it gets really frustrating. So I was using some “fake” flour (in my mind it was fake), and trying a few recipes and getting middling results.

(By the way here are some tips if you’re new to gluten free eating.) 

Then I discovered the gluten-free junk food section at Whole Foods and faith was restored. Except for that eating healthy part and losing eight pounds …

What I learned quickly when choosing a gluten-free diet to follow is that it’s a healthier lifestyle … unless you let your cravings get the better of you.  Often times we got ourselves into this gluten-free vat of hot water because we were eating too much junk food. In fact, about 10% of diabetic patients need to live gluten-free because of other qualifications.

So I’ve been sampling a few products here and there and Udi’s caught wind of my plight and sent me a pretty huge care package. (Thanks Udi’s!) I was literally craving brownies as I was walking home that day and came home to find my fab gift box waiting for me containing, lo and behold, brownie bites! (Those went first … my (non gluten-free) son loved them.)

They also sent along bread, cookies, granola bars, and crisps. All were delicious, and even my sometimes finicky son liked everything he tried. If you need gluten-free junk food, Udi’s is definitely worth a try. I will be buying some the next time I go to the store.

But of course junk food is something that needs to be an occasional treat, not something you should be eating every day. Again, if you came to gluten-free living because of a medical reason, you definitely need to apply the brakes with the treats. Something else to consider … gluten-free processed foods often have higher levels of sugar so if you are diabetic, you’re going to need to watch that closely.

The first rule of gluten-free living is to eat well: lots of veggies, healthy proteins, non-gluten grains, and a bit of fruit. Sprinkle lightly the treats and remember to be active and move too.

Let me know if you have a gluten-free junk food product that you really like. I could always use more suggestions.




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