Election Day Snacks: Vote With Your Taste Buds!

Obama Cupcakes

An option for noshing on election night … (and if I could have found a rights-free picture of Romney cookies I would have included that as well)

We know Tuesday is likely to be a long night as the election results slowly roll in. It’s also bound to be a nail biter and quite stressful as we wait to see whether states turn blue or red on the big maps. No matter who your candidate is, you’re going to need some snacks to get you through the evening and True Food Movement is here with some suggestions.

Nervous Nellies Snacks

Let’s face it … crunchy is the way to go when you’re nervous. It’s tremendously satisfying to have something “al dente” in your mouth to alleviate a little stress.

Healthy Options: Carrots, celery sticks, and apple slices. We think these are winners and you can eat them almost unconsciously and not regret it in the morning. After all, the worst thing would be to have your candidate lose and then need to run 10 miles the next day thanks to what you ate on election night!

Unhealthy options:¬†Pretzels and potato chips. Since we’re True Food Movement, we suggest you pick up the organic variety (or make the junk food yourself). Our next President may decide the fate of GMO labeling and you can always vote with your pocketbook if the polls don’t work so well for you.

Sweet Options

All those political attack ads have left a bitter taste in our mouths too. Perhaps some sweetness can help balance it out as the polls close.

Healthy Options:¬†Pineapple chunks, orange slices, and mango slices. Yes, we’re looking at some sweet fruit to sustain us. Each of these options also fills you up with fiber helping to keep us regular, something we might need if our world changes overnight.

Unhealthy Options: Chocolate, ice cream, and candy. Probably plenty of the latter still left over from Halloween. Will election night be scarier? Try M&Ms to get both the chocolate and crunchy fix or just go straight for the comfort of a bowl of ice cream. We might likely regret this in the morning … but hey, Election Day is almost like a holiday and it only happens every four (or two if you count the mid-terms) years. And who thinks about calories on the holidays anyway?

So choose your candidate and your snack food wisely. Make sure what you eat really is a reflection of who you are and your values. And if you live in California, we heartily support Proposition 37 and ask you to vote Yes to label GMO foods.

Enjoy your election night and may you not have too bad of a sugar (or political) hangover in the morning.



photo credit: Jonathan McIntosh

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