What is Food Porn?

food porn cartoon, nigella cartoon

Cue the sultry music and the steam.  Add in some oohs and aaahhs.  Feel your mouth begin to water, gulp hard.  What’s making you respond this way?  Not your significant other, more likely a fabulous picture of something chocolate.  There’s a reason they call it Food Porn. But what is food porn?  As Supreme Justice Potter… 

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Blondies Recipe: Taste-tested and fabulous

Photo credit:  Jason Roderick

You’re faced with a dilemma; you need snacks for a school function and you know brownies and cupcakes are already covered.  What do you bring that the kids will still love and isn’t the same old, same old.  Blondies! I first made these for a school event over a year ago, and they vanished in seconds…. 

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Healthy Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

healthy fried rice, vegetable fried rice

The man in the stovepipe chef’s hat was rail thin.  I noticed this as he was dolloping large wads of butter onto the grill to prepare fried rice for our table at one of those Asian/Fusion cook-the-food-in-front-of-you kind of places.  By the time he got to the “onion ring volcano” I no longer thought I was eating a… 

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What is a Food Swap?

Citrus cookies

If you live in a major metropolitan area, you probably have at least one food swap group near you. It can be a great opportunity to meet foodies, swap recipes, and try some new flavor combinations. How a Food Swap Works Here are the general guidelines for a food swap. You find a local event… 

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