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easy baked apples

Quick and Easy Baked Apples

Quick and easy baked apples are a great snack and a healthy treat with just a touch of sweet. Fast and simple with lots of variations to please your family.

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gmo feed

GMO Feed: New Study Suggests Potential Harm

GMO feed is prevalent in the U.S. food supply. Since the average American eats nearly 200 pounds of meat a year, what is it doing to us? Let’s find out.

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genetic roulette

Movie Review: “Genetic Roulette”

The move Genetic Roulette takes a scientific look at how little we know about GMO foods and what they’re doing to our body. Here’s why it’s a must see.

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Urban Foraging: Let a Map Guide Your Way

A growing movement in urban environments is to see what’s around you in nature that’s available for harvest.

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Sage cornbread recipe

Cornbread Recipe: Sage Makes it Sophisticated

This is a lovely, sophisticated cornbread recipe with the addition of fresh sage. Easy to make … you’ll wow your guests at your next party.

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epicurious cookbook

Book Review: The Epicurious Cookbook

The Epicurious Cookbook is a gem! We loved the mix of recipes organized by season. Here are some of our favorites and what we’d do a little different.

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Food Revolution Day! It’s Today!

Celebrate Food Revolution Day with simple steps that promote healthier eating for you, your family, your community, and the planet.

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meat csa

Cooking From a Meat CSA

We’ve belonged to a meat CSA for 8 months now and we totally love it. There are a few considerations though, from price to how to cook what you get.

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save the bees

Save the Bees! Why This is Important

We need to save the bees! Europe is protecting their crops but what is the U.S. and the EPA doing? Here’s how you can help.

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hot milk cake recipe

Hot Milk Cake Recipe: War Cakes

This hot milk cake recipe has been passed down to me through four generations. A favorite of my grandfather’s, you’ll love it too!

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