Chowhound Debate: Do Food Bloggers Post Bad Recipes?

Honey roasted carrots, yummy and appetizing

A recent discussion on Chowhound sparked a big debate … do recipes on food blogs actually taste good? I admit, I’ve tried recipes from websites and been heartily disappointed. I’ve also prepared recipes specifically from food blogs, some with millions of monthly views and had mediocre results. Enticing photographs bring clicks and revenue to a… 

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Easy Sponge Cake Recipe

credit:  Lisa Johnson |

  The Great British Baking Show on PBS has my rapt attention.  The British bakers are more about savory, less about sweet, and I’m getting lots of ideas from their expertise.  Many of their concoctions began “with a sponge,” and I decided to find a good recipe to share with you here. I look at cookbook… 

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Is Gourmet Popcorn Worth the Price?

cheap vs gourmet popcorn

We love popcorn.  A fun snack that’s perfect on a lazy afternoon or during movie night.  In our house, we’ve ditched the microwave stuff for an air popper and found a lack of flavor.  To be blunt, it tasted like cardboard.  We wondered if the kernel made a difference.  Maybe the pricey stuff would taste… 

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GMO Cartoon: GMO Labeling, We Win Even If We Lose

gmo cartoon, cartoon gmo labeling

  GMO labeling didn’t do so well in the most recent election cycle. Colorado voters rejected their proposed GMO bill by a 65-35 margin. After a recount in Oregon, that state’s bill lost by 837 votes. Two hard-to-take losses, one because the margin was so great, and one because it was so teeny. Did We Really Lose? From… 

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Healthy Chicken Empenadas, So Good!

Cuban cookbook

  Back in my 20s I needed a good date place.  A restaurant where I could bring guys that wasn’t too pricey, easy to get to, and could spark conversation.  I found my perfect place, a Cuban restaurant called Mucho Gusto Cafe near Berkley College of Music.  Gus, the front of house guy, got to know… 

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