Politics and Food Ads: You’re doing it wrong

politics and food ads

Maybe it’s the current presidential election cycle that brings this out in people, but not liking a food ad picturing an alternative lifestyle and then carpet bombing a brand’s Facebook page with nasty comments isn’t going to force a brand to do anything. In fact, you might wind up getting mocked by others and just… 

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What to Wear to a Dinner Party

credit: Total Image Consultants

Dinner party invitations ping regularly to your inbox or even an occasional paper invite in your mailbox (still a thrill isn’t it?). If you’re like most people you look forward to the event and immediately wonder, “what should I wear?” Never fear, the talented Ginger Burr from Total Image Consultants has oodles of suggestions and pictures to inspire… 

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Apple Cider Scones

apple scone recipe, apple cider scones

How to make me happy, one of these apple cider scones, my cat on my lap, and a copy of bon appetit magazine. In fact, I did just that last weekend, brimming with contentment. These scones are easy to make and will impress your friends. We used “sugar for show” putting a bit of brown… 

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Maple Ginger Chicken from Maple Cookbook

maple ginger chicken, baked chicken recipe, chicken thighs

You might have noticed we have a thing for maple syrup here at True Food Movement. We love the flavor, and we love how often it’s hand-crafted by hard-working family farmers. So when Katie Webster’s new cookbook Maple: 100 sweet and savory recipes featuring pure maple syrup arrived in the mail we scooped it up… 

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Target Removes Junk Food from the Check Out Aisle

target removes junk food

As of today, Target will remove junk food from the check out aisle in 30 stores as a pilot program that they hope to expand nationwide. They will be replacing them “healthier” options such as Kind bars and other convenience items. They are not the only large-scale retailer looking to entice customers via a healthy… 

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