Farm Fresh Zucchini Bread Recipe

I love local cookbooks, I’m always on the hunt for them.  I found a great one recently, Morning Glory Farm, and the family that feeds an island by Tom Dunlop.  Morning Glory Farm is located on one of the most special places on earth, Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts. The book compiles stories about […]

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Dirty Dozen Clean Fifteen 2014

Presenting This Year’s Clean Fifteen!

Last week, we wrote about the 2014 Dirty Dozen, the fruits and vegetables determined by the Environmental Working Group to have the most pesticide residue present when making it to the produce section at your local store. These are the items that are best served or you to purchase from the organic section to keep […]

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dirty dozen fruits and vegetables for 2014

It’s Your 2014 Dirty Dozen!

Every year, the Environmental Working Group announces the12 fruits and vegetables that contain the highest traces of pesticide residue. Here’s this year’s list.

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Julia Child bruschetta, simple easy bruschetta

Julia Child’s Bruschetta

I recently had the pleasure of taking a cooking class called “Bon Appetit: Following in Julia’s Footsteps.” It was a great learning experience taught by Dustin Rennells who is best known for his “cupcakes and cocktails” class. (Doesn’t that sound totally fun?!) While bruschetta is decidedly Italian, it was one of Julia Child’s favorite dishes […]

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The Whole Foods Banned Ingredients List

Slate posted an article earlier today that compared the food sold at Whole Foods Market vs. what you would find on the shelves at your average Walmart. Specifically, they examined the products available at a Supercenter that wouldn’t be allowed at a Whole Foods due to the inclusion of one (or more) of their banned […]

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Delicious Meals That Won’t Break the Bank

As regular readers of TFM know, we’re always looking for ways to shop for quality food without breaking the bank. (Just look at our Whole Foods 30-Day Challenge for example.) That’s why we wanted to share this great infographic along with tasty recipes that you can try for yourself. Enjoy! And let us know if […]

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Apple Picking Apple Crisp

From Farm to Table: Quality Mommy/Daughter Time!

Going apple picking with your kid is a great bonding experience. Teaching them farm to table, even better!

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Chocolate Beet Cake: It’s Delicious!

Vegetables and cake? Besides carrots? You bet. This chocolate beet cake is one of the best desserts I’ve ever made.

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chicken farm in china

The Globalization of Chicken

Should you be fearful of chicken processed in China? The answer is likely yes. Here are some answers to a complex issue.

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Food Stamps: Not Just for “The Poor”

Think you know who needs government assistance to buy food? Think again. it affects more than just the poor.

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