Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites

coconut bits, dark chocolate coconut bits

While working downtown at my corporate gig, I found a fantastic snack.  Dark covered chocolate coconut bites.  Just a hint of sweetness, but with the healthiness of coconut.  I loved them!  The only problem is the 3 ounce packages were $6 each! I figured I could find a way to make them myself at home…. 

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Sweet Potato Wrapped Cod Recipe

sweet potato cod

Cod, the official state fish of Massachusetts, is a staple around Boston.  We mostly stick it in the broiler with a few bread crumbs scattered about and a wedge of lemon.  Pretty boring no? I had tried a recipe a few years ago where I wrapped cod in a big, thin slices of potato and… 

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What is Food Porn?

food porn cartoon, nigella cartoon

Cue the sultry music and the steam.  Add in some oohs and aaahhs.  Feel your mouth begin to water, gulp hard.  What’s making you respond this way?  Not your significant other, more likely a fabulous picture of something chocolate.  There’s a reason they call it Food Porn. But what is food porn?  As Supreme Justice Potter… 

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Blondies Recipe: Taste-tested and fabulous

Photo credit:  Jason Roderick

You’re faced with a dilemma; you need snacks for a school function and you know brownies and cupcakes are already covered.  What do you bring that the kids will still love and isn’t the same old, same old.  Blondies! I first made these for a school event over a year ago, and they vanished in seconds…. 

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The EPA Saves the Bees (not really)

bees, save the bees

The EPA sent out a letter to registrants yesterday placing a hold on approvals for new or expanded applications for pesticides that are implicated in bee colony collapse disorder or CCD.  This is barely a step forward in the right direction. Here’s what the EPA is doing for bees Any new application of expansion of… 

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