Farmers Market Tips

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We love Farmers Markets! So much to see, so much to do.  There are always neighbors to run into, farmers to chat up, recipe swaps and artisanal foods and items we can’t get anywhere else.  We’re following up our earlier post of frugal farmers market tips with this post with some more general ideas to… 

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Potato Fritters Recipe: Three Ways to Enjoy Them

potato fritters, potato fritters recipe

We got a little carried away in the grocery store.  We wanted to do something with potatoes, and we were thinking fritters, but with a healthy twist. We spied the blue potatoes (loaded with antioxidants) but then everything else looked so good we went for a trio of recipes! We’re doing them individually below to… 

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Frugal Farmers Market Tips

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Wandering through a farmers market without a game plan means you can miss some of the best bargains. We’ve culled nine tips to make sure your trip is successful, and your larder is happily full. Before you go take a moment to review some of our other frugal foodie tips.  We recommend a general menu plan and… 

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Roasted Potato Salad Recipe

roasted potato salad, potato salad recipe

I wanted to create a potato salad recipe that would stand out at a picnic. Boiling potatoes is so, well, mushy so I knew I wanted to roast them. When I saw a recipe for roasted balsamic onions, I thought the two together would be fantastic, add some bacon to keep the men happy and this… 

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