Cucumber Pineapple Salad Recipe

cucumber pineapple salad web

I bravely sampled everything at a huge, over-laden table during a cooking day at a recent Chef’s convention. My mouth was ricocheting between sweet, savory, indian spices, seafood, asian, it was a happy extravaganza of flavors. The one dish that stood out from all the others was this cucumber pineapple salad. I barely realized what I… 

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Cashew Salmon with Quinoa Tabouli

cashew salmon web

This is a perfect dinner party entree. The flavors are different but won’t scare your guests, there’s a lot of texture and the flavors are amazing. We can see ourselves now, wine glass in hand, head tilted back in laughter, happy yum noises coming from our guests. It’s a perfect summer dish and you can… 

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The History of Food Trucks

credit: Flickr

These days food trucks run the gamut from “roach coaches” at construction sites to glam, shiny tricked-out coaches staffed by top chefs. But the history of food trucks begins way back in 1866 when a rancher had a problem. Charles Goodnight needed to move 2,000 head of steer from Texas to New Mexico through rough… 

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Healthy Maple Pecan Muffins

maple pecan muffin

Our intention was to make blueberry muffins. Then we thought pecans would add a nice bite, then we thought maple would be a good replacement for table sugar, then we decided they tasted awesome without the blueberries. So, we quit while we were ahead, heh. Of course, we wanted to do a healthier version, so we… 

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BigFood Eliminates Artificial Colors and Flavorings

lucky charms  copy

Your Lucky Charms still brim with sugar, but as of 2017, the will no longer have artificial colors and flavorings. General Mills just joined the BigFood fray to eliminate artificial things from their products. To break this down a bit, HuffPo reports General Mills is only addressing their cereal line. Currently, 60 percent of their cereals already are free… 

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