Poll: Your Favorite Summer Drink

favorite summer drinks, favorite summer beverages

We conducted a poll this summer to determine your favorite summer drink. As we head into Labor Day we wanted to share our results with you. Iced Tea 31% Arnold Palmer 21% Lemonade 19% Iced Coffee 17% Sweet Tea 11% For those who don’t know, an Arnold Palmer is half lemonade, half iced tea.  A… 

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Roasted Tomatoes and Parmesan

roasted tomatoes recipe, roasted tomatoes and parmesan

Tomatoes are abundant this time of year, and this is a great time to try out this recipe. The roasted tomatoes and parmesan meld together with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to create a unique dish, great as a side or an appetizer. Imagine this with crusty garlic bread, yum. We wowed two taste-testers, they… 

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What is sous vide? We talk process and equipment

credit: SousVideSupreme

Chefs and gourmands love the cooking process; sous vide (say soo veed).  It’s a process of cooking food to a certain temperature by placing it in a plastic bag and dipping it into a controlled, heated water bath. Those who have tried sous vide describe the flavors as divine, and the food cooks to a consistent temperature. A medium rare steak… 

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Cocktail Sauce Recipe

cocktail sauce, cocktail sauce recipe, shrimp cocktail sauce

Yes, it’s easy to pick up a jar of cocktail sauce at the fish market, but what if you could create your own, control the flavor and texture, and wow your guests?  Fresh cocktail sauce is the little black dress for shrimp cocktail. We promise it’s worth it. A word about horseradish. We thought we… 

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