Target Removes Junk Food from the Check Out Aisle

target removes junk food

As of today, Target will remove junk food from the check out aisle in 30 stores as a pilot program that they hope to expand nationwide. They will be replacing them “healthier” options such as Kind bars and other convenience items. They are not the only large-scale retailer looking to entice customers via a healthy… 

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Breakfast Home Fries Recipe

breakfast home fries recipe, home fries recipe

My Grandma used to keep my Grampa knee deep in home fries. She’d make sure there were extra potatoes around for cooking and it was one of the first dishes she taught me to cook. The secret is bacon! We’re giving you the full-on, not so healthy version here, but there will be healthier variations… 

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Bakery Food Trends: Are donuts the new cupcake?

credit: Janice Cullivan, flickr

There was an explosion of cupcake cafes, cookbooks and TV shows; all in worship of the humble cupcake. The portable cakelettes went from kiddie food to gourmet. Purchasing a dozen cupcakes for five bucks at the grocery store was no longer good enough, each cupcake needed to be lovingly made, separately boxed and marked up by… 

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Vegan Butternut Squash Soup: Apples add sweetness

vegan butternut squash soup, butternut squash soup

Nothing says early fall like butternut squash soup, and we made this vegan version both health-conscious and tasty. There are a couple of special touches to this recipe. First, we roasted the butternut squash to bring out every bit of flavor. Second, we used both apples and apple cider to add an apple touch without… 

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